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About Us

I am Pat Karlsson Backe, a fitness instructor and personal trainer for the past 30 years with the last decade focusing on Balance & Mobility training for older adults (Fall Proof! Master Instructor & SAIL Leader), I have my own boutique Pilates Studio, and teach Pilates Mat, Tower & Reformer, Spinning, Yoga, Aqua and in my former youthful past kickboxing, step and Hi-Lo aerobics!  I am AFAA, ACE, AEA, Polestar Pilates, Yoga 200 RYT, Fall Proof! Master Instructor, SAIL Leader and Spinning Certified.  I have worked for large fitness corporations, small private corporations, Recreation Centers, Retirement Communities, and Senior Centers, and private clients.  I have loved them all because each venue provides interesting and diverse opportunities to reach out and touch people who desire to maintain and increase their fitness and well being.  Once we move full time into our camper, I will design a Pop Up class called, "Meet me in the Park", so I can continue to teach on the road!

Kevin Backe, my husband is a retired Federal Employee, he can fix just about anything, and figure out just about anything, is the kindest person I know, and my best friend.  Oh, and he is the most patient and calm person I know.  They say opposites attract, I think it is true!  I am looking forward to spending days and nights together meeting new people, visiting with old friends, exploring new places and getting ourselves into and out of interesting situations.

Kevin and I are an eHarmony Match.  We grew up in different areas of Silver Spring, Maryland but never traveled in the same circles.  I was a widow when we met in 2006, and Kevin was divorced.  We have three adult children between us, and lots of extended family.  We married in 2008 and this year we celebrate 10 years together!  We currently live in Alexandria, Virginia and have the most wonderful family, friends and neighbors that anyone could ever ask for.  It will be hard to leave an area and people we hold so dear, yet it's time for our adventure of a lifetime and keeping our home and traveling weren't financially possible, so we opted for a Retirement Road Trip!

One for the Money!  Two for the Show!  Three to get Ready!

It's time to begin the transition, two years in the making and planning, to move from our brick and mortar home to our travel trailer.  Our dream of retiring and traveling was born out of our desire to see the beauty and wonder these marvelous United States have to offer, and to experience hiking, biking, kayaking and camping throughout many of our National and State Parks.  Having worked with older adults most of my past twenty years in the Fitness and Balance & Mobility Industry, I was uniquely aware that all too often couples save up to travel in retirement only to have a dibilitating  illness befall them and alter their plans.  I want to travel while we are young and healthy enough to do the types of activities we want to do, before we aren't able to do them!  All great dreams need plans, so this is where we began.

September 2016 Knowing we had lots of prep work to do on our house before we sold it.  I contacted a realtor in September 2016 to get a punch list of "must do's" before we would be able to list the house.  Our realtor Jesse Price, spent a few hours with us going through the house offering suggestions on making our three story colonial look great for listing.  We spent time outside as well, detailing the items in the yard and exterior of the home that needed repairing as well.  I set out a one year time line on a circular calendar and began calling contractors to help with the big projects, while Kevin and I tackled the smaller ones.  It takes planning, time and money to get it all coordinated, and the calendar kept me on target with our goals.  

I also hired a professional downsizer, Maria at Conquer the Clutter, a colleague of mine to ensure my goals were realistic and achievable. Friends are helpful, but paying someone for their professional opinion is worth the investment.  The resources alone are worth the time and money spent on hiring to help you when you are feeling overwhelmed.